THEIR JEWELRY: What Does Semi-Solid Mean And Why Did We Choose It?

You might have noticed that some of our pieces are ‘semi-solid gold’. But what does this mean? Semi-solid gold is also known as semi-hollow gold - it is a type of jewelry that is composed of solid gold but it has a hollow center. It has the exact same color, luster, shine and feel of solid 14K gold but it isn’t as thick or heavy. We chose to include semi-solid gold chains & earrings in our line because it can be produced at a significantly lower cost however, it is still made of solid gold and will not tarnish over time like gold plated or gold vermeil. 

Our goal for creating THEIR was to create a line that is accessible when it comes to cost. Everyone deserves to look and feel beautiful in jewelry so we chose to offer semi-solid gold chains as a cost-effective alternative to most solid gold chains out there.

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