THEIR JEWELRY: Tips on Starting Your Jewelry Collection

Have you ever struggled purchasing jewelry? Do the choices overwhelm you? Is it hard to figure out where to start or what pieces to invest in. If so, we're here to help give you tips on finding pieces that fit your personal style.

1. Start Searching For Your Style

If you’re fairly new to the world of jewelry, we suggest browsing what is out there. Flip through blogs, magazines or instagram and see what catches your eye. Since jewelry is an investment, you want to make sure you are purchasing pieces that speak to who you are. The more you expose yourself to the wonderful world of jewelry, the more you’ll find what appeals to you the most. 

2. Start With The Basics

There are a few key pieces that we suggest starting to build your jewelry collection with. If you look into your closet right now, you will likely find the pieces that are essential to the building blocks of your wardrobe: your favorite pair of jeans or sneakers, a classic white t-shirt or your favorite hoodie. Whatever your style, or your signature outfit, we recommend starting with the basics. Invest in a pair of hoops (we love hoops), a pair of huggies, necklaces in both short and long lengths, 2-3 basic rings (great for stacking or wearing alone), and a bracelet. 

3. Add In Statement Pieces 

Once you have the basics down, it is time to start shopping for statement pieces. Statement pieces can take a more minimalistic outfit to an entirely new level. Look at your collection of basics and start looking for pieces that are bolder and larger. Don’t forget about stacking with your basics!

4. Care For Your Pieces Appropriately 

You always want to ensure you are taking proper care of your pieces of jewelry, regardless of the material they are made from. 

5. Be Patient 

Building your dream jewelry collection doesn't happen overnight, so be patient. Don’t feel like you have to go drain your bank account in one day to make the perfect jewelry collection. We recommend you start following jewelry companies and influencers on instagram, make a pinterest board, keep your eyes out for new drops of exciting pieces! Your jewelry collection will grow over time so don’t get discouraged. 

6. Make Sure You Love Every Piece 

Always make sure you fall in love with fine jewelry pieces before investing in them. There are plenty of options out there for trendy pieces that are popular at the moment, that won’t break the bank. If you aren’t ready to make the investment into solid gold pieces, start with gold vermeil, sterling silver, or even beads or pearls. Your collection should make you smile. If you don’t love a piece - keep shopping - and when you find that perfect piece, be sure to snatch it up :)

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