THEIR JEWELRY: Founders Gift Guide

“Anyone may have  diamonds: an heirloom is an ornament of quite a different kind” (Elizabeth Aston). 

The most treasured family heirlooms are memories. Whether it's a song, a picture, or a letter - there are things that we can hold that remind us of where we came from and where we are going. Our goal with Their, was to create just that. A piece of jewelry that isn’t just another shiny thing, but a story to be passed down, a reminder of who we are and those who helped make us this way. There is something so beautiful to us about tradition. And though there are so many beautiful things in the world, connecting us all in different ways, we’ve always felt that sometimes the most beautiful things are the things that have been here all along. Their is me, is you, is us. Their is ours. 

We put together this gift guide to help you find the perfect heirloom for your loved ones or just something special for yourself. Happy Holidays <3 


The Taylor Hoop Earrings 

“Who doesn’t love a hoop? Need I say more?” 


The Taylor Hoop Earrings are made from 14K semi-solid gold to make them lightweight for any occasion. A forever classic, this hoop can be dressed up or effortlessly dressed down. 

The Stevie Link Chain 

“This piece can truly be worn everyday and is such a great gift for someone, since it goes with absolutely everything.”

Designed to be worn daily, this link chain crafted in 14K semi-solid gold, will layer effortlessly with any other bracelet or look great on its own 

The Lenny Oval Necklace

“I love how timeless and special this piece is - A piece to wear everyday, alone or layered with others.”

This is not your average pendant. We designed the Lenny Oval Necklace in 14K recycled solid gold to add simplicity and luxury to any look. Combined with a baby curb chain for a delicate and classic look. 


The Harlow Figaro Chain Necklace 

“I love this chain for its versatility. Whether its a regular day or I’m at an event - this one is coming with me.” 

The Harlow Figaro Chain is made from 14K semi-solid gold. Wear this chain for a laid-back luxury style that offers a nostalgic feel. 

The Finley Smiley Signet Ring 

“By far my favorite piece. It’s fun and goes with everything.”

The Finley Smiley Ring is designed with a fun, yet modern twist in mind. Made in 14K Recycled Gold Vermeil - we hope you look at your Finley ring and smile. 

The Sutton Oval Locket 

“There’s something so cool to me about being able to bring something so meaningful with you, wherever you go. You heard it here first, we’re bringing the locket back.” 

Designed with 14K Recycled Gold Vermeil - The Sutton Oval Locket is made to represent a moment in time. Add a photo to make it an extra special piece, holding your loved ones close to your heart.

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