THEIR WARDROBE: How To Look Expensive Regardless Of Your Budget

We believe that the best way to look expensive regardless of your budget is to mix higher-end staples in with more affordable pieces. Less is more when it comes to looking expensive. We have rounded up 4 tips for making your outfit look more expensive. 

  • Choose Quality Staples
  • Quality stapes are the items in your wardrobe that create a strong foundation for your statement pieces. By ensuring you have the basic staples your outfit options will be unlimited. 

  • Jewelry, Jewelry, Jewelry 
  • One of our favorite (can you guess why) ways to look expensive is to start with your jewelry. However, remember to be selective with your jewelry. If you are wearing a top that has a lot going on, opt for a simple necklace and some understated earrings. If you are wearing a white t-shirt choose a more dramatic earring and stack up those rings and bracelets. 

  • Invest In Statement Pieces  
  • Statement pieces will always cost more than your basics or staples, however, chances are they will last you a lifetime. Save up for those incredible statement pieces like a coat, a great bag or the pair of boots you’ve been eyeing. You can ever wear loungewear and still look luxe if you top it off with a timeless statement piece. 

  • Be A Minimalist 
  • When it comes to fashion, we all have our own style. But when you are trying to spruce up an outfit, try going monochrome for an effortless yet elevated fit. If you are struggling to pick a great outfit, remember less is more.

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