THEIR JEWELRY: Founder's Story

When we created Their it was with one goal in mind. To create timeless affordable Jewelry that could be passed down from one generation to the next without needing to use up our global resources to do it. We chose the name Their as we believe it reflects that, like the world, this Jewelry is not ours forever, it is only borrowed from those before us, to be used while we are here and to be shared and passed down after we are gone. Storytelling has always been such a big part of both of our lives so we wanted to create a brand that is defined by the unique lives and styles of the people who wear it - pieces that celebrate who you are. When these pieces are then passed on, another story can be written. 

Our jewelry is made from 100% recycled materials. We believe in being as thoughtfully transparent as possible. We want to share our knowledge of the materials we choose to use, the production and the quality. That’s why using high-quality recycled materials has been so important to us. So you can feel good about your purchases and share this as a part of your story. 

- Alexander & Lauren Ludwig, Founders 

“I want to leave a positive impact on the world and have always been fascinated by fashion as a way for people to express themselves. As I got older I realized how hard it is for people to do that when the prices of some of these products seemed out of reach, especially gold products. Their has been a way for me to solve this problem. As of now it seems that consumers are faced with two options. Spend too much for a piece that is overpriced, or settle for a piece that is second rate quality. Why can’t people have both? Everyone's stories are important, and I want to provide more affordable way for people to be able to tell theirs, in style”.

- Lauren Ludwig (Founder, Their)

“My whole life has been about telling stories, whether as an actor, musician, writer or producer. One thing I love about this timeless jewelry is the ability for it to be passed down. My father has a ring that his father passed onto him and every time he wears it, it brings him back to a memory of him. To me Their isn’t just another jewelry company, it is the ability to share a part of ourselves, to tell our story, while also taking care of the world we live in”.

- Alexander Ludwig (Founder, Their)

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