THEIR LIFESTYLE: What Does Being A Genderless Brand Mean To Us

Whether you walk into a store, or visit a website, you’re almost bound to find it split into two categories: men’s and women’s. This gender binary is engrained heavily into the retail shopping experience and has been for as long as we can remember. In specific, jewelry has never been one size fits all. Individuals have been using jewelry to make a personal statement - no matter someone's race, culture, gender or class. But the designs and options have always been quite limiting and gender specific. 

Here at Their, we like to think of ourselves as not only a gender-neutral brand, but a brand that has no names or definitions. We are here to create a brand for all - leaving you with pieces that amaze, fit seamlessly and complement every outfit change.  Every piece is designed to make you feel more confident, natural and true to yourself. We have designed our pieces to honor the inherent beauty and uniqueness of the human experience. We won’t be chasing the popular trends around us - we are going back to the basics with recycled, sustainable materials that will undoubtedly make you feel at home in.

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