THEIR JEWELRY: Why Recycled Gold

As the business Co-Founder and CEO, I have always tried to be aware of living mindfully. In the past few years it has become even more evident that our daily actions have an impact and how consumption will shape our future. Instead of focusing on the big picture - which can become very daunting at times - those of us at THEIR, as well as myself personally - choose to make little shifts and adjustments to the way we live and do business. 

Transparency, sustainability and social good are at the forefront of our company. 

The history of jewelry manufacturing and mineral extraction is often a concerning one. So we have decided to build our brand with the commitment to leverage new and existing systems and practices to ensure our strict requirements are met. 

Since gold is a limited resource, we have chosen to create our jewelry with recycled gold, rather than newly mined gold. Recycled gold is created from existing jewelry, industrial metals, or electronic components and refined back to its purest elements. So it is not only equal in quality to newly mined metals, but also involves fewer chemicals and environmental destruction. Furthermore, the ethics of recycled gold benefits communities both big and small. 

We like to think that with our commitment to the production of responsible, traceable and honest jewelry we are helping to make the moments you live a little bit more beautiful and also doing our part to help our planet.

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