THEIR PLANET: 5 Sustainable Clothing Brands We Love

There was a time when ‘sustainable clothing’ would mean unflattering and suspiciously scratchy styles. But times have changed. Many brands are taking steps to implement ethical practices and minimize the industry’s carbon footprint. Some brands are achieving this through the recycled or natural fabrics they use and others are working on slowing down and reducing their production and making pieces in very small batches. We have compiled a list of some of the sustainable brands we have our eyes on right now. 

Inspired by supporting the skills of UK based craftspeople during the pandemic - Jonathan Anderson launched an eco-conscious capsule collection made in the UK. All of the styles are limited edition and sustainably made using offcuts and surplus fabrics. 

Chances are you have seen this incredible, colorful loungewear brand all over social media - this is Pangaia. In our opinion, it is up there as one of the most impressive when it comes to pioneering science. They have engineered materials created from things such as wildflowers or eucalyptus pulp and seaweed to avoid unnecessary landfill and reduce their impact on the environment. They have made it their mission to use technology, biotech and nanotech processes to augment nature and agricultural waste and turn them into clothes.  If you haven't hopped on the Pangaia train yet - we're here to tell you its time. 

Frankie Collective’s foundation is built on environmental, economic and social sustainability. Every year, Frankie saves over 65,000 lbs of clothing from landfills by upcycling them into 1-of-1 garments. If that wasn't enough, they even pay to have their clothing scraps removed and recycled instead of throwing them into the garbage

Re/Done was launched on the idea of repurposing old Levis jeans into modern and unique styles. The brand is committed to ‘utilizing the newest technologies to achieve the most sustainable results possible’. Since inception they have moved on to include sweats, tee’s, dresses and most recently, shoes.

Collina Strada is a New York based brand that is putting big-color and sustainability first. Created by Hillary Taymour, her main concern is staying true to her craft, while also becoming a fully sustainable and radically transparent brand in the near future. Taymour has also partnered with the OR Foundation, a US based organization working towards a more sustainable future. 

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