THEIR JEWELRY: Finding The Perfect Fit For Your Rings, Necklaces & Bracelets

Ever wondered what your ring size is, or what length necklace to order so it falls to the perfect spot on your chest, or how big your wrist really is? Use this guide to properly determine the perfect fit for you.


Bracelets are meant to be styled at different lengths - however, you do not want it to be too small or too big that it falls off. 

  1. Find a string and put it around your wrist to match the desired width of the bracelet. 
  2. On a measuring tape or ruler, place the string beside it and find out how many inches your desired bracelet is. 
  3. Select the option that most closely corresponds with the length of the string (ie. 6”, 7”, 8” etc). 


As many of you already know, different necklace lengths are crucial for any good stack. Many necklaces are adjustable so it's easy to play around with different lengths to find your desired look. However, if you're wondering what non-adjustable chain length to buy, look at this easy guide to help you figure out what length is best for you. 


We don’t know about you but it took us till our 20s to finally figure out what our ring size was (and even then, we still forget). There's 2 simple ways to figure this out. 

1. Measure your finger 
  • The same way that you measured your wrist, use a piece of string or paper and put it where you would like your ring to sit. 
  • Make sure the string is pulled snug
  • Measure the string on a ruler or tape measure 
  • Use the ring chart below to determine your size

2. Use a ring sizer 
  • If you want to skip the string, we offer a complementary ring sizer. Think of this ring sizer like a belt. Secure the end through the "buckle" to form a ring shape. Slip your finger through the loop and pull the end through. 
  • You want this to be tight, but not uncomfortably so. You should be able to slip it back over your knuckle, just like a ring. When it feels snug, look to the little black arrow to determine your ring size.
  • Don’t forget to keep the sizer somewhere safe in case you want a ring for a different finger or you forget your size.
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