THEIR WARDROBE: Jewelry trends that are out, and jewelry trends that are in

We are big believers in always shop for what brings you the most joy, regardless of what everyone else is doing. But in case you need a little inspiration, we have put together some jewelry trends that have died down and some trends who’s turn it is to shine in a big way. 

Trends that are out: 

  • Rose Gold Pieces
        • Rose gold had its moment about 5 years ago but we aren't seeing it much at all anymore
  • Overly trendy pieces
        • Anything that is  too ‘on trend’ or ‘fashionable’ is out 
  • Costume pieces 
        • There are no rules when it comes to jewelry but we are seeing costume pieces being phased out. People are looking for pieces they can keep and wear forever. 
  • Flashy pieces 
        • Pieces that are in your face are out
  • Dainty pavé pieces 
      • We believe your jewelry should say something about you - and dainty pavé pieces lack the personality and character we are seeing people looking for

    Trends that are in: 

  • Tennis bracelets 
        • Try pairing 1-2 tennis bracelets with some classic gold bangles 
  • Timeless bold pieces
        • We find that people are looking for jewelry that will last longer over time. People are looking to express themselves and looking for something that has a story behind it 
  • Personalization 
        • Customers are looking to make more personal milestones and connections with their jewelry pieces
  • Gold modernist pieces 
        • Pieces with smooth edges and a sense of flow are flying off the shelves
  • Heirloom quality pieces 
      • Antique stones in high carat gold are everywhere - we love seeing pieces that will be around for generations
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