THEIR JEWELRY: TLC for your jewelry

Our pieces are designed to accompany you wherever you go - So here are a few TLC guidelines for your Their pieces. 

Shower etiquette 

Gold vermeil has a layer of gold over a 925 sterling silver base metal. Gold vermeil will tarnish faster than pure gold, especially when it is not adequately maintained or exposed to chemicals. If you want the most out of your pieces, we do recommend taking them off before showering. 

Our 925 sterling silver pieces are plated with a thin layer of rhodium. Rhodium does not tarnish as it is nickel free. Due to how strong the metal is, it does not need to be alloyed with other metals but depending on how often you wear your pieces, over-time Rhodium plating can come off. So we do recommend not wearing it in the shower so the plating lasts longer over time. 

Unlike our gold vermeil and sterling silver pieces, you can shower with our solid gold pieces as it will not damage the metal itself. All you need to do is avoid harsh shower gels or scrubs that can potentially scratch the jewelry. However, it will dull the pieces over time so we do recommend cleaning your pieces often. 

Quick cleaning 

Clean your jewelry often - whether it is solid gold, gold vermeil or sterling silver, use lukewarm water and a soft liquid soap. Avoid harsh chemicals and detergents. Dip your piece into the soapy water and, using your fingers, gently rub away any dirt or debris. Rinse with plain water and gently pat to dry. Last but not least, be sure to polish with a soft jewelry cloth. 

Handle with Care

Liquids such as perfume, lotions, hand washes can speed up the process of tarnishing your pieces. So we recommend removing your pieces before applying such things. Chemicals can take a few minutes before getting absorbed into the skin, so wait 3 minutes before wearing your jewelry. 

Invest in safety boxes 

As with any piece of jewelry, if you do not store your pieces properly, it can lose its quality over time. So we encourage you to invest in safe jewelry boxes that can keep your pieces dry and free from accidents. Alternatively, you can buy anti-tarnish pouches so the quality of your pieces can be maintained over time.

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