THEIR JEWELRY: How to Print Locket-Sized Photos

You have chosen the perfect image for your locket - but what’s next? 

Even though our lockets all vary slightly, locket pictures are pretty simple once you know the size. We have tried to make it as simple as possible for you and listed the dimensions of the locket on the product description page. So, after you have your dimensions, resize your chosen photo to the right proportions. You can print at home, order online or visit a store in person. 

Resizing Your Photo 

  • Try to crop your photo on the elements that you want to retain in the photo, but always leave some space around the point of focus for cutting it out. 
  • Use a photo program such as iPhoto, Photoshop or Picasa to size the photo according to the locket dimensions. 
  • Microsoft Word is also a great tool for this too. When you paste an image in Word it will open a Layout dialog box. This will show you the current size of the image in inches. Select the “Size” tab and change the dimensions to a size that will fit your locket. 
  • Now you will be able to print your image without any loss in quality. 

Printing Your Photo

  • If you are choosing to print your image at home, ensure that you use photo paper instead of regular printer paper. This will ensure the quality of the photo for your locket. 

Cutting Out and Placing Your Photo

  • Create a guide around the focus point of your photo using the dimensions provided on the product description page. Once you have your guide, slowly and carefully cut around the shape. 
  • Starting at the top left corner, insert the photo into your locket. Slowly move around the edge of the photo and press each section gently so it fits underneath the lip of the locket. If there ends up being any folds or creases in the photo, it is too large and you will need to trim it down. 
We hope you enjoy your new Their Lockets and are able to hold someone or something special close to your heart.
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