THEIR JEWELRY: The Art of Layering Necklaces

Switching up your style or elevating your wardrobe can be as simple as reevaluating your accessories. For example, if you have a collection of necklaces that you normally wear one at a time, learning how to layer these might be the key to updating your look. Layering necklaces can seem daunting at first. When you scroll through social media and editorials of your favorite publications, you’ll see people with accessorizing skills that seem difficult to master. There is a method to combining two or more necklaces with different lengths, weights, materials and colors and we're here to help. 

Layering necklaces first and foremost comes down to how much of a statement you want to make and how you can best balance out each necklace to complement each other. 

1. Choose a Principal Metal 

When it comes to mixing metals, always make sure to pick one metal as your principal and use the other as a subtle undertone. If you are choosing to mix metals, try to mix your necklaces, rings and earrings so they all balance each other out and come across more naturally. 

2. Layer by Length

In order to avoid a tangled mess of necklaces, we recommend layering your necklaces by length. Add a choker, a short necklace and a long necklace for that put together look. Ensuring that each of your necklaces are laying stacked and not in one big clump is going to be the most flattering. 

3. Layer by Thickness 

If you like the idea of layering bold chunky chains, we recommend adding a classic coin pendant necklace alongside 1 shorter and 1 medium length chunky chain to mix it up. 

4. Opt for Adjustable Necklaces 

We love necklaces that give you some personalization. A trick for stacking necklaces is clasping chains on a shorter link to find your desired length. You will be able to determine exactly where a necklace will fall perfectly on your collar bone with these multiple clasp options. Therefore, this will be easiest to find what pieces to pair them with. 

5. Get Yourself A Necklace Detangler 

If you want to avoid tangles altogether, we recommend purchasing a necklace detangler on Etsy or Amazon. You simply attach your individual necklaces to this clasp and say goodbye to knots and tangles. This is a game changer that will allow you to put on and take off your layers in one go.
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