THEIR JEWELRY: Redefining The Heirloom

Who owns an heirloom? It begins with one and it is passed on and on and on and on. Is it owned by one or all? 

It’s shared ownership; its storytelling; it's a culmination of both the past and present. Where we were, and where we are. We think of heirlooms as being special and simple. We want every piece you buy from Their to hold memories that can be passed on and shared with your best friend, your children or even your partner. We believe jewelry is one of the few things that gets better with age and meaning. 

Our brand concept is inspired by the circular notion of heirlooms and recycled materials. An heirloom is what we make it and we believe in creating jewelry that can last lifetimes. Similarly, we believe, not unlike our recycled pieces, our planet is also an heirloom. It is not owned by our generation, or the one before us, it is passed on and on and on and on. It is our responsibility to do what we can to preserve it, so stories and memories can continue to be made.

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