Parker Nugget Earrings 925 Recycled Sterling Silver

The Parker Nugget Earrings go perfectly with every outfit and instantly takes it to the next level. Uniquely designed to be hollow so they are lightweight on the ear. Designed in 925 Recycled Sterling Silver. 

All of THEIR earrings  are classic and modern unisex styles, easy to wear as a single statement piece or to be combined with other earrings.

 *sold as a pair 

We believe in the pursuit of a more responsible approach in everything we do. It is a commitment we have made from the beginning and will always continue to make the necessary strides to be better.
Their uses recycled 925 silver, always. Our pieces are created from existing jewelry, industrial metals, or electronic components, which are then refined back to their purest elements, making it equal in quality to newly mined metals.
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